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The Baker Family News Letter Feel Free to Forward this News Letter on to Anyone I might have missed :)

The family


How does one begin to put into a short paragraph or two what took place the entire year before? Thatís why we should do a monthly or quarterly newsletter as I am so often reminded by my husband; but sometimes there is nothing you want to share and if the month is busy, who has time to sit down and do a newsletter? What is news worthy to one is just gossip or nonsense to another. Iím rambling alreadyÖso let the news begin.

January will mark my second anniversary with Dr. Burks. Our office had some changes this year. We lost our nurse and the P.A. has gone part-time. My main job is the front office, but Iím also on call to do some medical assisting when needed. My health is steady and generally good. Iíve tried to come off the medication several times, but I just hurt too bad so always go back on them. Iím just happy to be able to get up and go everyday. Last June my dad and I went to Greensboro, NC because my nephew Matt graduated from high school. Iíve been to Greensboro so many times I canít tell you, but sure enough this trip we get lost. I ended up in Roanoke, VA! It was a beautiful drive, but took us 3 hours out of our way. In July we went to Hilton Head. On our kayak trip we got as close as 15 feet to the dolphins, it was awesome. This was the first time in years that we went to our condo just adults, another couple went with us, and it was very nice. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past November. What did we do? Took our 5 year old granddaughter, Abby, to Disneyworld. How things change as we get a little older.  For our 25th anniversary we went to Aruba for two weeks and it was so great, then 5 years later we go to Disneyworld? Thatís what aging will do for you. We did have a great time. The weather was perfect and Abby was so much fun to watch.  Speaking of Abby, I just have to share one funny thing.  She was spending the day with me and asked if I would write a letter for her.  Of course I said yes. " Write exactly what I say", she demands and so continues, "My name is Abby and I approve this to my family."  I won't repeat the whole letter, but does that not tell us commercials are doing their job, maybe a little too well.


As usual Deena covered most of it...  but there were some things she left out.  Work has been a little stressful these days.  Most of you know the economy stinks, that is not news.  We have had several cutbacks, all the temporary workers are gone.  We have one product line that is shining through.  As long as people are drilling for oil or natural gas I am sure it will do well.  It out performs any other drilling product on the market.  On a brighter note our parent company Sandvik, a Swedish company, is investing money in our plant.  The project deck looks full for 2009.  Lots of equipment and controls upgrades which means my department has work.  So as long as the company can weather the economy until it recovers...

On our Hilton Head vacation this year we had a great time.  My golf stunk as usual, the courses are a lot harder than they are here in Springfield, but they are beautiful and impeccably maintained!  On the way back home, we stopped at our friends home, they had gone with us on vacation.  Their son Michael has a trampoline in the back yard.  As most of you know I was on the gymnastics team in high school, so I played with Michael on the trampoline.  I just refuse to give up, well I have to tell you the next day it was very hard to get out of bed.  Every muscle in my body ached!!!  I refuse to get old, at least that is what my mind is saying but, my body is telling me different.  I will have to tell you I did impress the young man though.

Deena and I want to wish you a safe and happy New Year.  We hope it brings you much happiness and good fortune.

Deena and Darrel

Derek's Family

Derek, Melonie
Payton, Tabitha, and Abby

Derekís family had a pretty good year too. Payton and Tabitha both do very well in school. Abby began preschool in a new school this year and adapted very well. Sheís looking forward to riding the bus and being in the same school as her sisters next year. After softball season the girls donít participate in any sports, but with school comes piano and guitar lessons and dance for Abby. AT&T is having layoffs just like most companies, but Derek feels his job is safe for the moment.  He hasn't begun anything with his nursing, but looks like now is the time to start seriously looking.

Ryan's Family

Melissa, Ryan,
Landon and Laken

Ryanís family is fine as well. Last February Laken went to the State Championship for gymnastics in Toledo, OH. We went to cheer her on. In her age class she came in 5th and we thought that was pretty good considering the girls were from all of Ohio. She is concentrating on her cheerleading now. Landon got a new diabetic pump that can almost talk to his meter. They have just come so far in that technology. Deena took Landon up to her Uncle Daleís at Indian Lake this past summer to fish. They had more than one line out and Dale snagged a fish but let Landon bring it in. It took him a little while, but once on the dock he was thrilled to have pulled in a 3# 16Ē catfish. Deena didn't have her camera but said that smile made her day.  Ryan's job with AT&T is a little more iffy with the layoffs, but so far he's good.  Melissa changed jobs this year and is now working at Kiefer Alternative School.


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