Family News #2

Hello Everyone. January was the beginning of a new, and hopefully much better, year. For the most part, January looked about the same as the months before. Masks, isolation, social distancing… However, we did have a couple of exciting things happen.

Our granddaughter, Tabitha, Derek’s middle girl, left Wittenberg and went to Mobile, AL to enroll in Springhill College. She is taking classes to become a Marine Biologist. As a junior, she made the decision to go to Mobile to school as it uses one of the world’s best research facilities on Dauphin Island. She takes her classes at the college then the labs are out on the island. We have toured it a few times and I am always amazed at the things that are accomplished there.

Another granddaughter, Laken, Ryan’s daughter, had the honor of being at the White House for Joe Biden’s inauguration. She was one of only eight Airmen chosen. I told her we looked for her as it was televised, but all of them were wearing their dress blues and coats and with their black masks. Facial recognition was useless. However, she is only 5’ and a redhead so thought we might be able to pick her out. Didn’t happen. She was able to get some pictures and a video so that was nice.

Our new little dog, Benji, has been fun so far and keeps us on our toes. However, we have also found out that he doesn’t like us to be gone too long or ignore him. If we are, he leaves us a surprise in the bedroom. Once Darrel went out into the garage and he followed without Darrel knowing. After a while Darrel went looking for him and figured he may be in the garage. Sure enough, and when Darrel went to get him, he had to pee a little to show he wasn’t happy. So, when we are going to be gone and not sure how long he goes into his crate. If we go to the garage we always make sure he is in the house before shutting the door. Problem solved but forgot how even animals can get mad and have a little revenge.

January brought us our first notable snowfall. It is beautiful and am enjoying it. Must admit that not having to go to work in it makes a difference.

Well, my friends, be healthy, stay safe and enjoy the good things you have.

Until next time,