Family News #4

Family News #4

4th Edition of the Family News

OMG it is December 2021 already! I was told recently that our page was old and I should update it. So here it goes

We went camping in June and I had a bicycle accident and broke my right wrist. OUCH! That required surgery with plate and screws. Afterwards I was in a cast for 8 weeks and once that was off had physical therapy another 8 weeks. My little accident took 4 months to correct. My hand is still stiff and I can tell you when the weather is changing, but using it and happy.

In July we did manage a camping trip to Indian Lake for a week. My brother and sister-in-law came to visit and it was a relaxing good time.

August came and our oldest, and only, grandson got married. She is a lovely young woman, named Alysa, whom we welcome into our family. They had a barn wedding outside Toledo. HOT HOT HOT but was a treat to have all the family together for such an awesome occasion.

Congratulations Landon and Alysa!

In September we had several things occur. Our oldest granddaughter, Payton, went back to Spain for her school year to receive her masters. She has done a lot of traveling while she is there and has seen so many wonderful places. We miss her but know she needs to do this while she can. 

Tabitha went back to Wittenberg for her senior year of college and is a cheerleader. 

Abby is in her senior year of high school. 
Where are my babies?  They have all grown up and have lives of their own!

Laken came home from Andrews AFB. She is working and going to school and is in the Reserves. 

Derek had to have shoulder surgery on the eighth of September. He was just released to go back to work December 13.

Janet, my cousin, came in from Iowa and we had a small family get together with Uncle Larry. Looked at old pictures and swapped stories. Love doing that.

October was bittersweet. We put our dad into an assisted living facility. He went screaming and fighting and blames everything on me. That’s alright. He needs to have someone to blame and I have big shoulders. The place is very nice and he has settled in well. He misses his car (which he hadn’t been driving but did try a couple of times), and his “warm, perfect little house.” It is a horrible thing to feel as though you have lost your independence. If he didn’t have medical issues we may have been able to keep him home longer. He turned 87 that month.

My niece Ali and her family along with my great niece, Simone, came to visit in November from Minneapolis. My nephew Matt from North Carolina came up too. Derek had a get together at his house with all our family and the nieces and nephew. Such a good time. Was a short trip but happy to see them anytime I can. Tabitha had a surgery and was a little stiff and sore but did a great job of emceeing a few rounds of trivia.  

We had solar panels installed. Fun to see how much energy we generate compared to what we use. Winter isn’t the best time to have that done, but seeing progress and can’t wait to see what happens when summer gets here with lots of sunny skies. Now we will have to be looking at electric cars!

So here we are in December. Tabitha’s surgery in November didn’t work so she had to have another surgery. This surgery seemed to take care of the problem for the time being. 

Abby is on the bowling team and power-lifting team so between Wittenberg and Shawnee have lots of events to watch.

Hoping this finds everyone HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SAFE. Be careful out in this crazy world. Just because I don’t call, text or come by often doesn’t mean my family and friends aren’t in my thoughts. Life is busy for all of us.

Until next time, Deena