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Springfield North High Class of 72
January 12, 2022

50th Reunion Planning Meeting

Class of 1972 50th Reunion Planning we had Zoom reunion committee meetings on Tuesday January 16, 2022, and Wednesday January 26, 2022.  These members of the committee attended at least one of the meetings.   In no particular order those in attendance were:

  • Larry Ricketts
  • Barbara George-Aldrich
  • Christy Yaw-Hart
  • Charlene Stooksberry-Boccardi
  • Deb Miller-Baldwin
  • Gayla Hypes
  • Joan Schneider
  • Joyce Ware-Brannick
  • Paul Numbers
  • Sherry Brummage-Payne
  • Gene Barnett
  • Darrel Baker

Menu of Items

The Venue and Rooms – New Information
The ScheduleNew Information
Pricing and BudgetNew Information
The Memorial TreeNew Information
Digital Bio Book New Information
Photo Booth
Find our ClassmatesNew Information
Extra Things to do 

The Venue and Rooms

Mark Your Calendar! The date for the reunion is August 20, 2022. The Venue is The Courtyard by Marriott. It is one of the nicest in Springfield! It is downtown and in walking distance to Mother Stewarts Brewery and the Springfield CoHatch. There are also a multitude of restaurants all within walking distance. So far, we have 131 people that are planning to attend. We hope to have twice that number by August!

We also have a block of rooms that are ready to reserve. We have a special rate for the following days:

  • August 19, 2022
  • August 20, 2022
  • August 21, 2022
  • Make sure you select the dates before you check availability.
  • If you would like to add days, we possibly can make that happen, but I will need to call our event coordinator. Just let me know.  
*** The Jazz Festival has been confirmed for the same weekend we are having the reunion. This could cause a shortage of rooms.  If you are needing a room, you should book now…

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The Schedule so far…

Friday Night – Larry Ricketts found the downtown area will be hosting a Jazz festival the same weekend as the reunion. This will change our Friday Night plans.  Watch this section for the changes.  This will be a great thing for Springfield!  Especially if it becomes a yearly event!  However, it could cause an issue for hotel reservations. If you are planning to get a room, you might consider making your reservations.

Saturday Night – Reunion at the Marriott. This is the main event. The Marriott will be providing the venue, they will also be providing dinner and a bartender in the ballroom.

The music will be provided by DJ Mike Stooksberry. He will provide musical entertainment for our August 20th main event. He is a ’77 North High School graduate. Mike has provided musical entertainment in the Springfield area for over 20 years. He has played music for events ranging from weddings to car cruise ins, using many genres of music designed to suit the mood and various activities during the event. The music will begin with the first “hellos” until…

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Pricing and Budget

We have a price for the tickets!  The price will be $60 per ticket.  We will have a sign up form shortly.

Paul Numbers is working on a spreadsheet for the expenses, this includes all the things that we are planning:

  • Conference room at the Marriott for the reunion.
  • Dinner at the Marriott the night of the reunion.
  • Friday at the Cohatch
  • DJ Music for the evening of the reunion
  • Memorial Tree and Plaque
  • Digital Bio Book
  • Photo Booth 

Thank You Classmates!

We would like to thank those of you who have donated or purchased your tickets early.  You are helping us cover the expenses that we have incurred planning the reunion.   If you would like to pay for your tickets in advance or donate, it will help with our expenses.  Either would be greatly appreciated.

To prepay for your tickets or donate, please send your checks to Larry Ricketts. Larry’s address was sent out in the first mailing we did. If you need Larry’s address, please contact me.

You can make the checks Payable to either Larry Ricketts or Class of 72 Reunion.

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The Memorial Tree

Gayla Hypes has been researching the purchase and planting our memorial tree. The location will be on the new Springfield High School property. Gayla has reached out to Patrick Smith. He is the principal at Springfield High School, regarding a Memorial Tree for our 1972 classmates. Mr. Smith has given the OK to plant the tree on the property. The location and marker will be determined closer to the time of planting.

After doing the research on the different trees, it was decided to go with an Oak Tree.  We will have a local group go to pick out the spot for the tree.  

Gayla found several options for the plaque.  It appears that McCray’s is giving us the best value for our money.  It will be a weather proof plaque placed on a elevated post.

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Digital Bio Book

Christy Yaw-Hart is coordinating this. I think this will be a great idea. Even if you are not going to attend the reunion, we would love to have your bio for the book. It would be great to be able to read something about all our classmates. We went over the first draft of the questionnaire at the latest meeting. Keep an eye on this section so we can get your input.

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Photo Booth

Joan Schneider found a photo booth vendor. The vendors is Fun Event Selfies: They will be available for 3 hours, they provide staff, camera, open-air backdrop, will incorporate our logo, 4″x6″ framed photo with 1-3 people in the photo. Timri will provide an online gallery and a flash drive of all the photos. She has 6 custom backgrounds to pick from. Includes props and will add more depending on the pandemic. We can text, tweet, or email our photos that are uploaded from the flash drive.

I think this will be a big part of making this a “Fun Event” (pun was intended)…

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Finding Our Missing Classmates

We are desperately trying to reach all our classmates. This is our 50th reunion and is an important milestone! Please reach out to your contact list. Feel free share my contact information with them. They can also reach me through this site. We can make this the largest reunion yet. We are doing internet searches looking for information and we are finding some new information.

This site DOES NOT contain or store any of your personal information, well, other than your name.

Classmates we have found

  • 166 Total Classmates that have verified their information through eMail or were verified through Facebook
  • 5 of our classmates have requested a Do Not Contact Status
  • 62 of our classmates are Deceased.
  • 233 Classmates have been located. We have a long way to go!

We really need your help getting this done. If you have not already, go to the classmates list. Please make sure your name is spelled correctly and is in the correct color (we all know I don’t make mistakes LOL).

If you would, please contact all the Classmates in your address book and make sure we have their current information

If you have not done these things, please click the button. Please compare your contacts to our list, feel free to share my information with them.

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Extra Things to Do

These are things to check out in and around Springfield while you are home. Make sure you read Gene Barnett’s email at the end of this section.

Walking Tours – Email from Gene Barnett

Walking tours are set up every year by the Westcott House’s Executive Director Marta Wojcik and her husband historian Kevin Rose. The home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1906, built for $15,000.00 and finished in 1908.

Burton Westcott built custom touring cars in Springfield that sold from $2,000 to $3,000 each. There is a Westcott car in the Heritage Center downtown in the farmers market/city building built in 1890 for $258,000.

There will be a couple of downtown tours possibly three over the summer of 2022. The tours are very interesting and well worth your time.

The Westcott House in Springfield is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only Prairie home located in Ohio. There are still over 440 homes in the U.S that Wright designed.

The Westcott House is well worth touring and now that we are “Seniors” we save $3.00 on admission for the 1.5 hour tour. Only $15.00 per person.

Actually, I could conduct the tours because I have been a docent since the Westcott House opened in October 2005.

Very Respectfully,
Gene Barnett
North High School Class of 1972.

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