Family News #3

Hello Family and Friends,

Here it is the first week of April. It is sunny and supposed to get up to the mid 70’s today! I will take it.

February was a short month and since we are all still under isolation orders not much to report. I had to have some tests at the cardiologist due to the fact that ever since I had COVID19 I have a tendency to faint. All the tests showed my heart is in good shape. That was good news but leaves me wondering why I pass out. A medical mystery lol. Darrel and I did receive our first shots of the vaccine. Clark County was having trouble getting enough vaccine so we ended up going to Madison County. Was a drive through event at the OSU Agriculture Center on route 40. We sat in the car about an hour, got our vaccine then waited for 15 minutes before leaving. No side effects for me, except a little tenderness at the injection site. Darrel, however, ran a fever of 100.3-100.5 for 24 hours and felt flu-like. It passed in two days and he felt fine. In March we were able to get our second shot from the health department at the old JCPenney’s store. As with our first, I was fine and Darrel had the same symptoms. Regardless, we have both and are happy about that.

We are very sad to say that we had to put our beloved boxer, Laila, down. She would have been ten this month. She had a genetic defect in her hips and legs. Darrel kept saying “Deena she is in pain, it’s time” and I would keep saying “just a little bit longer.” It got to the point that when she went outside and tried to squat her legs wouldn’t hold her and she would fall. Pitiful. So, we decided it was time.

Abby, a junior at Shawnee High School and Clark Technical Center was asked in February to be inducted into the National Honor Society. She has always been a great student and in her first semester this year she again made all A’s. Proud of that girl! She bowls and included in her awards was one for best sportsmanship. She is also a weightlifter. Her stats at State were 215# squat, 90# bench, 185# dead lift for a total of 480#. I feel good if I can bench the bar. Come on, it’s 45# lol.

Tabitha made a surprise trip home in February from Mobile, AL. Was nice to see and hear about her new college. Abby decided for her spring break she would visit Tabitha. The last week of March she and a friend went to Alabama where they enjoyed fun in the sun and more sister bonding.

Laken, who is a Chaplains Assistant in the USAF, was deployed in March. No-one is being sent out of the US due to the pandemic. She and about 350 other troops from all the services were sent to Newark NJ for humanitarian aid. They are giving COVID vaccine immunizations. They work 12 hour days and are able to give 65,000-67,000 shots a day. They will be there as long as it takes and was told to take enough clothes for six months.

Congratulations Landon and Alysa

Landon asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said YES! Now they are planning, planning, planning. It is a little more difficult with the pandemic still going on. I am just the nana of the groom so all I have to do is wait for the information of what to do. He will be 24 in July and they are getting married on August 28, 2021. or September. He was concerned about her saying yes, but with things happening so fast I think she had a good idea of what she wanted.

Hope all is well with each family.