Springfield North High Class of 72

50th Reunion Planning – 1st meeting

We had a Zoom reunion committee meeting on Thursday, April 15, 2021. There were a lot of things discussed venues, dates, pre-reunion venue, and possibly a golf outing. We also discussed a memorial for the deceased classmates.

I had an issue, our session ended abruptly, we got cut off because I was using a free zoom session. The free sessions are only good for 40 minutes. For the next meeting, Deborah Miller-Baldwin who has a paid account at Zoom has offered to host the next meeting.

We talked about Venues for the reunion. Deborah Miller-Baldwin also offered to research Venues. These are the ones that came up on the short list:

  • Simon Kenton Inn
  • Marriott Downtown
  • Springfield House Banquet Hall

We talked about dates for the reunion and August was a popular month. Remember that nothing is set in stone yet.

We discussed a before the reunion outing and Mother Stewarts was suggested. It is a new brewery in downtown Springfield.

A golf outing was also suggested. We would like to get a count and see how many would be interested in golfing. We are not sure how many would be interested in this. So, do you play golf, and would you like to play while you are here for the reunion?

Something that was NOT discussed that will need to be brought up at the next meeting is music (DJ’s). I just added it to the list of planning requests. That was one of the things that was extremely popular at the 40th reunion. Do you remember who was the DJ?

I received several emails about “Our deceased classmates.” There were several suggestions for honoring our deceased, here are a couple of excerpts:

Joan Schneider – I thought, after seeing how many classmates have passed, I was thinking it would be nice to honor them in some way. Maybe have their pic w/ places to write comments, funny remarks. Or read their names at some point!

Sherry Brumage-Payne – To Joan’s email she replied. At one time Nathan Eckels had mentioned doing a video, but since we do not know what sound system or technology will be available, I thought a nice picture board and I like the idea of allowing people to write memories and maybe send them in or stick them on the board that night. Jennifer Heckler also has suggested that maybe we could plant a tree in their memory. Location and cost of course will be the questions to answer. If we could do a tree, I would go a step farther and bury a jar with the names of Class of 72 with the Deceased members highlighted. My sixth-grade class did this at Snyder park and as far as I know, the tree is still there, even though they tore down the original school. Here is the link to the video Nathan did four years ago. If he is willing and if there is a way to show it. The video will need to be updated.

If you have not already, go to the classmates list. Please make sure your name is spelled correctly, and is in the correct color. If you have not done these things please click the button.