NHS 72 – News #6

Springfield North High Class of 72
September 21, 2021
50th Reunion Planning Meeting

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Class of 1972 50th Reunion Planning we had a Zoom reunion committee meeting on Wednesday September 21, 2021. In no particular order those in attendance were:

  • Deb Miller-Baldwin
  • Larry Ricketts
  • Joan Schneider
  • Gayla Hypes
  • Joyce Ware-Brannick
  • Barbara George-Aldrich
  • Charlene Stooksberry-Boccardi
  • Sherry Brumage-Payne
  • Paul Numbers
  • Darrel Baker

The Venue and Rooms

Mark Your Calendar! The date for the reunion is August 20, 2022. The Venue is The Courtyard by Marriott. It is one of the nicest in Springfield! It is downtown and in walking distance to Mother Stewarts Brewery and the Springfield CoHatch. There are also a multitude of restaurants all within walking distance. So far, we have 120 people that are planning to attend. We hope to have twice that number by 2022!

We also have a block of rooms that are ready to reserve. We have a special rate for the following days:

August 19, 2022
August 20, 2022
August 21, 2022.

  • Make sure you select the dates before you check availability.
  • If you would like to add days on either end, we can make that happen but I will need to call our event coordinator. Just let me know.

Here is the link

The Schedule so far…

Friday Night – Meet and greet at Mother Stewarts Brewery. This will be a good time had by all. Mother Stewarts has a good variety of beer and wine. They will have music there that night. Rumor has it that the music might be a band from our own class of 72. Chuck Young and his 70s band Old Skool is interested in playing at Mother Stewart’s for our Friday night get together. That is still a rumor at this point. Side note, it is within walking distance from the Marriott.

Saturday Night – Reunion at the Marriott. This is the main event. The Marriott will be providing the venue, they will also be providing dinner and a bartender in the ballroom.

The music will be provided by DJ Mike Stooksberry. He will provide musical entertainment for our August 20th main event. He is a ’77 North High School graduate. Mike has provided musical entertainment in the Springfield area for over 20 years. He has played music for events ranging from weddings to car cruise ins, using many genres of music designed to suit the mood and various activities during the event. The music will begin with the first “hellos” to until everyone leaves the dance floor.

Things we are still working on.

The Memorial Tree

Gayla Hypes Is researching the purchase and planting our memorial tree. The location will be on the new Springfield High School property. Gayla has reached out to Patrick Smith. He is the principal at Springfield High School, regarding a Memorial Tree for our 1972 classmates who have departed this earth. Mr. Smith has given the OK to plant the tree on the property. The location and marker will be determined closer to the time of planting.

Meet and Greet at the Springfield CoHatch

Larry Ricketts suggested that we put this in place for those of the classmates that may not want to go to a brewery… It is directly across the street from the Marriott. There will be more information coming on this as it develops.

Digital Bio Book

Christy Yaw-Hart is coordinating this. I think this will be a great idea. Even if you are not going to attend the reunion we would love to have your input. It would be great to be able to read something about all of our classmates. Keep an eye on this section so we can get your input.

Photo Booth

Joan Schneider is coordinating this. She is researching vendors. Keep an eye on this section so we can get you input.

Things that you might like to
include in your trip home.

  • Tour of Ferncliff
  • Tour of the Wescott House (Frank Lloyd Wright)
  • Tour of Wright Patterson Air Force base Museum
  • Walking tour of the Downtown area
  • Trip to Yellowsprings
  • The Heritage Center

Pricing and Budget

We should have a ticket price shortly. Paul Numbers is working on a spreadsheet for the expenses, this includes the things that we are planning. We are also compiling a list of people who are planning to come. These things will help us to set a price for the reunion. If you are planning to come and have not let us know please do so soon.

Finding our Classmates

We are trying to reach all our classmates. This is our 50th reunion and is a big one! Please reach out to your contact list. Please share my contact information with them. They can also reach me through this site. We can make this the largest reunion yet. We are doing internet searches looking for information and we are finding some new information.

This site does not contain or store any of your personal information, well, other than your name.

Classmates we have found

  • 157 Total that have verified there information or thru Facebook
  • 5 Requested Do Not Contact status
  • 61 Deceased
  • That is a total of 223 that we have located.

If you have not already, go to the classmates list. Please make sure your name is spelled correctly and is in the correct color. If you have not done these things, please click the button. Please compare your contacts to our list, feel free to share my information with them.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the next reunion!

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  1. Count me in for the reunion. My wife and I will attend.
    I am no longer on Facebook. My account was hacked and FB asked for too much personal info to re-activate. FB was the only social media platform I participated in. I can only be reached on ‘Old Folks’ platforms, such as USPS, phone, and email.

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